To my Australian readers – The animals and environment need your help this election

This March, myself and around 70 other people will be running in the New South Wales state election for the Animal Justice Party. We are confident that we can get one or possibly even two more people elected to the New South Wales government, making it two or three people in NSW parliament fighting for animals and the environment.

This is so important because no other political party has animal protection as even a minor part of their legislation, in particular farmed animals.

However, this win isn’t yet guaranteed. The unfortunate reality of elections is that we need money. Elections are expensive and the major parties spend millions. 

Every cent we raise will be spent directly on election flyers, How to Vote Cards, posters and  getting our message out there in the mainstream. We have a record number of candidates standing for the animals! 52 in the lower house and 21 in the upper house, all our candidates need our support to run their campaigns.

Each poster we have printed costs $35, every 1000 flyers we have printed will cost $250 and to get the AJP out there in mainstream media will cost tens of thousands. 

Our target of $100,000 will let us buy posters, flyers, radio and newspaper ads, and much more to get the Animal Justice Party, animals and the environment in the minds of New South Wales voters.

Please support our election fundraiser here.

* Unfortunately only people registered to vote in Australia can donate to election fundraisers. Donations of up to $1,500 are tax deductible.

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