Donations log

Donating to the right place is very important. I’ve decided to keep a log of where I donate so people can see what I’m up to and to keep me honest, inspired by Peter Hurford. I don’t always make the most rational choices, and have left in donations made prior to understanding what I now know about charities.

I have pledged to give everything I earn in a year over $45,000 AUD for the rest of my life (indexed by inflation from 2016) to the most effective causes, a pledge I will uphold with my parliamentary income if elected.

If you see something, especially recently, that you disagree with, please let me know.

Receipts are available on request.

2023Nov 3Movember$20 AUD
2023Dec 11Global Priorities Institute$1500 AUD
2022Apr 26Animal Justice Party$25 AUDElections fundraiser
2022Mar 07Nuclear Threat Initiative$15 USD
2022Mar 07PETA$15 AUD
2022Jan 29New Harvest$259 AUD
2022Mar 07Fundacja Ocalenie$8 AUD
2021Mar 1Halfcut Challenge$20 AUD
2020June 19Center For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Technologies$76.21 AUD
2020Dec 20Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary$20 AUDChristmas present
2019Jan 13Animal Justice Party$100 AUDDonation to elections fundraiser
2019Jan 21Animal Justice Party$100 AUDDonation to elections fundraiser
2019Jan 28Animal Justice Party$799Donation to elections fundraiser
2019May 10Animal Justice Party$3000 AUDDonation to elections fundraiser
2018Oct 11The Modern Agriculture Foundation$2077 AUD
2018Sep 10Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies$58 AUDFor reasons I'll elaborate on in a new post soon, I now think CEERT is a much better enviro. charity pick than Cool Earth.
2018??Animal Justice Party$30 AUDMembership fees
2018Sep 13L214 Ethique et Animaux$20 AUD
2018Aug 10Animal Liberation$20 AUD
2018Sep 10Animals Australia$50 AUD
2018May 27Good Food Institute$40 US
2018May 27Animal Charity Evaluators$50 US
2018Nov 24Our Hen House$100 US
2018Dec 1Animals Australia$50 AUD
2017Apr 20Animal Charity Evaluators$30 USGift for a friend
2017??Animal Justice Party$30 AUDMembership fees
2017Mar 4Good Food Institute$50 AUD
2016Apr 18Against Malaria Foundation$8000 AUDDollar matching for the Run for EA. Played a role in raising $36,000 (not all of which was counterfactual).
2016Jun 14The Life You Can Save Adelaide$530 AUDPlane tickets for a guest speaker to an EA event, partly to measure their impact on behaviour change - write-up of results is forthcoming.
2016Feb 12Effective Altruism: The Movement$468 AUDFunding to develop documentary
2016Jul 1Animal Charity Evaluators$100 US
2016Nov 29Good Food Institute$60,000 AUDBased on the recommendations of Michael Dickens
2016Feb 06Against Malaria Foundation$230 AUDDonation swap to donate to .impact.
2016Jul 10Students for High Impact Charity$1000 US
2016Jan 4Purchasing Peter Singer's books for giveaways$179 AUD
2016Apr 13The Life You Can Save Adelaide$170 AUDPurchasing food for An Evening with Peter Singer.
2016Jun 14The Life You Can Save Adelaide$150 AUDMisc. costs for running an EA event
2015Dec 8The Humane League$50 US
2015Jun 6Fred Hollows Foundation$1000 AUD
2015Jun 1Fred Hollows Foundation$60 AUD
2015May 6Oxfam Australia$2000 AUDIncluding $1000 from employer donation matching
2015Nov 18Meetup$60 AUDLocal EA chapter Meetup payment
2015Dec 6Cool Earth$56 AUD
2015Jun 15Giving What We Can$2500 AUD
2015Against Malaria Foundation$4494 AUDMultiple donations
2015Dec 6Nuclear Threat Initiative$51 US
2015??Schizophrenia$250 AUDBirthday gift
2015Dec 18Charity Science$151 AUD
2015Dec 16Machine Intelligence Research Institute$20 US
2015DecCharity Science$110 USChristmas gifts
2015Aug 17The Planetary Society$57 USPayment for society membership
2014Sep 5Red Cross$50 AUD
2014??Everydayhero$2153 AUDMisc. donations, mostly World Youth International
2014??The Smith Family Australia$240 AUD
2014??World Youth International$3700 AUDProgram costs to volunteer in Nepal for 5 weeks
2014??Unicef Australia$25 AUD
2014Sep 2Hutt St Centre$21 AUD
2014Jul 21World Vision Australia$53 AUD
2013Jun 26RAH Cancer Centre$20 AUD
2013Jun 11Flinders Medical Centre Foundation$50 AUD
2013Oct 26Movember$50 AUD
2013??Smith Family Australia$550 AUD
2013Jan 1Cancer Council SA$50 AUD
2013??Australian Conservation Foundation$45 AUD
2012Nov 17Movember$100 AUD
2011Nov 7Movember$10 AUD

This commitment has probably made me happier than most things in life. If you think you could do with a few less luxuries to better some lives (including your own), make a pledge.