Did we discover Dyson spheres? Why might aliens build one?

Have scientists found Dyson spheres around nearby stars, proving the existence of advanced alien civilisations? You’d be forgiven for thinking they did, given the headlines recently. While it’s premature to say this is what we’ve discovered, the reality is pretty interesting anyway.

In this video, I discuss what Dyson spheres are, what they might be used for, and what these recent studies actually found. I explore other concepts like the Kardashev scale, Matrioshka brains, and interstellar travel.

Will the future be utopian or dystopian?

In this video, I summarise some of the arguments for and against thinking the future will go well (assuming no extinction event occurs), and discuss how to think about prioritisation of reducing extinction-risk vs focusing on generally improving the longrun future for longtermists. I discuss some key writings on this topic, such as Nick Bostrom’s Astronomical Waste, Joe Carlsmith’s Actually Possible: Thoughts on Utopia, and Jacy Reese Anthis’ The Future Might not be so Great.