There it goes, the very last tree [environmental poem/art]

My mum Janine Dello and I made this together (I wrote the poem, she put everything together) for a fundraiser event to support artist studios.

There it goes, the very last tree. 

This will make a great spot for our new factory. 

The koala watched from the top of the hill, 

As foul fluid from a dozer began to spill. 

The bear felt despair, but no longer cared, 

With their family gone they were no longer scared. 

It wasn’t their fault you see, 

That’s just the way they were raised to be. 

Their society tells them that this is normal, 

And they all desperately want to be conformal. 

To clear the land for the sake of a steak, 

This practice is humanity’s greatest mistake.  

To take a native’s home to breed others, 

Then take the children away from their mothers. 

If this is the way of the human race, 

Then this koala hopes that they will be replaced. 

Image may contain: text that says 'las There tgoes, the This will great koala watched from factory. hill, dozer began ospill. Itdespair, butno With their cared, wasn't longer scared. you e aised be And normal, aruso desperately clea arthe land This asteak, home Then others, way their mothers. Then koala hopes race, will replaced.'

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