Thoughts on vegan activism in Australia

A few people have asked me for my thoughts on the animal advocacy performed across the country yesterday, so I thought I would share them here.

There was an impressive variety of different actions taken yesterday, and it’s important not to lump them all together. Some actions focused on raising awareness about the realities of animal abuse, others took the form of protests, while others still involved other disruptions.

I strongly support the right of activists to protest peacefully in drawing attention to the cruelties that are inflicted on animals. Peaceful protest is something I support regardless of what is being protested for. We don’t get to pick and choose which cause protests should be seen as an acceptable means of seeking change.

For those who oppose the use of protest and disruption to raise awareness for animals, ask yourself this: if the victims being advocated for were human, would you be ok with the action? If the answer is yes, your issue is probably not about the action, but rather about the cause itself.

Thisarticle sums up this idea rather succinctly.

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