Peter Singer’s 70th birthday

This post is a bit of a plug, but it’s for a great cause so I’m ok with that.

As you might know, the Effective Altruism Adelaide group is hosting Peter Singer, Australian moral philosopher, for a presentation and Q&A about his work on the 13th of April. Peter has made massive contributions to the field of ethics through his work on poverty, animal rights and in co-founding the Effective Altruism movement.

July the 6th is Peter’s 70th birthday, and for an early birthday present we are hoping to raise an enormous amount of money for one of the most effective charities in the world, the Against Malaria Foundation. Peter himself has donated $100 to the cause, but imagine his surprise when he finds out we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for a cause he is so passionate about.

$25,500 worth of donations are being matched by anonymous donors, so this is a great way to double your impact as well.

So why not make a small contribution to show how Peter has affected your life through his work. As for me, he’s literally changed my life.

NB: If you’re interested in the Against Malaria Foundation’s effectiveness, they are estimated to be so effective that they can save a life for on average less than $4,000 AUD. A$40,500 achieved = 12,000 nets bought = 22,000 people protected = 44 ENTIRE villages protected.

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  1. I’ve been saving up $250,-/month (roughly 10% of my monthly income) since January for the against malaria foundation so I can help. I was planning on donating once a year in order to minimize administrative costs, but I could transfer the money in two stages this year. Are you going to set up a crowd funding thing?

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