Publications and presentations

Click here for publications relating to my PhD.

Is it possible to be an animal lover and eat meat? – Live Kindly – Jun’ 17

Reducing Australia’s public health burden – Australian Vegans Journal (volume 2, page 15) – Apr’ 17

The best way to help animals might surprise you – Plant Based News – Mar’ 17

Effective animal advocacy: a review – Written ’16, released February ’17

Effective Altruism Australia: National launch – My opening address (from 2:38:30 remaining) and full event

On terraforming, wild animal suffering and the far future – Sentience Politics Essay Prize (1st place) – Written September ’16; released February ’17

Effective Altruism Is Changing How We Think About Charity – Pro Bono Australia – September ’16

Extinction alert: saving the world from a deadly asteroid impact – The Conversation – September ’16

Door-to-door fundraising experiment – Charity Science – March ’16

Interview on career choice – 80,000 Hours – February ’16

How to advertise for an EA event – The Life You Can Save – February ’16

Combat materialism with generosity – Patheos (Charity Science) – December ’15

The latest science on having a rewarding Christmas – Huffington Post (Charity Science) – Nov ’15

How to run a Giving Game and start a local Effective Altruism chapter – The Life You Can Save – October ’15

South Australian Heat Flow Anomaly: Source and implications for geothermal energy – The University of Adelaide – Honours thesis – December ’14

An analysis of arguments against anthropogenic global warming – The University of Adelaide – Undergraduate research assignment – November ’14


Various presentations and videos

Effective Altruism and Ethical Science – Effective Altruism Global X – Melbourne Jul’ 2016