I am currently undertaking a PhD in Mining Engineering at the University of New South Wales, as part of the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research. My research is primarily focused around space though is quite broad. Some of the key themes I am examining are:

  • Using and adapting terrestrial geophysical exploration techniques for use in space exploration, primarily for the purpose of mapping small planetary bodies to mine and/or deflect.
  • Analysing the physical characteristics required to select a mining method and characterise/estimate the resource of an asteroid, and developing a geophysical tool suite to determine these.
  • Reviewing, simulating, testing and developing seismic and ground penetrating radar techniques to map asteroid structure.
  • Looking at the broader ethical, economic and societal implications of space exploration, exploitation and colonisation.

Academic publications

Dello-Iacovo, M.A., Anderson, R.C. & Saydam, S. 2017, A novel method of measuring seismic velocity in off-Earth conditions: Implications for future research, 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (The Woodlands, Texas).

Non-academic publications

Dello-Iacovo, M.A., Extinction alert: Saving the world from a deadly asteroid impact, The Conversation, September 5 2016.

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